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Our Expertise

At IsraDevEquity, we believe that on fast growing markets, one should go beyond the instantaneous financial figures in order to apprehend the true value of a company. Our partners and team of analysts provide original research and thoughtful thematic analysis to identify Key Success Factors, follow stages of development of R&D programs, and understand market positioning.


The Israeli Life Sciences industry operates within an environment which has been coined as “Innovator Nation”. The world is beating a path to Israel, literally, in a rush to partner with Israeli tech companies in a variety of life science fields.

Israel's large concentration of talented and innovative people makes it an ideal place for investment. Characterized by groundbreaking entrepreneurship, Israel yields pioneering technologies, profitable business opportunities and high investment returns.


​In Q1 2013, the software sector attracted the largest share of investments. Thirty-four software companies raised $136 million (29%). The Internet sector followed with a 22% share of investments.

This sector, traditionally one of the backbones of the Israeli high-tech industry, is mainly being propelled by cloud based enterprise applications and IT security.


In June 2013, Google was reported to buy map software maker Waze for around USD 1.1 billion.




According to Key Opinion Leaders, coupling of Israel entrepreneurship and innovation with experienced Pharmaceutical industries will be of enormous benefit to Israeli companies growth.

In total, Israel has nearly 1,000 life science firms, of which about 29 percent are in biopharma, developing proprietary drugs and experimenting with stem cells to treat diseases such as diabetes, Gaucher and leukemia.


Recently it was reported that Opko Acquired Prolor for $480 M.


Israel’s telecom sector has emerged as a world leader in developing innovative technologies, systems and solutions for telecom providers and integrators in an age when operators seek systems that can enhance the convergence process – their ability to provide fixed line, mobile, Internet and cable TV packages.


In 2012, exits in the Israeli telecommunications industry totaled $1.12 billion

Medical Devices

Israel is first in the world for the number of medical device patents per capita.  This area has succeeded in attracting multinational attention is the medical device sector, which includes Given Imaging, maker of the "pill" camera which aids in visualization of the intestinal tract. In 2012, of the $503 million raised in life sciences, 61 percent went to medical device companies, according to IVC. Elbit and GE Healthcare’s partnership has spawned one of the country’s most promising medical device firms – InsighTec.

Financial Services

​Israeli public, especially the affluent and high net worth segment, are increasingly changing their savings behaviour. Traditional banking networks, which account for more than 80% of Israeli market, are facing new regulatory constraints limiting their ability to truly meet customer expectations.

The FAs (Financial Advisors) and IHs (Investment Home) are well positioned to respond to the growing demand for investment advice (skills and specialization, products and services offering, greater perception of independence).

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